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Eugene Kontorovich writes:

Recently, the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) voted to divest from American companies that do business with Israel. The action, taken at the church’s 216th General Assembly meeting in Richmond, is the first of its kind taken by an American denomination. Indeed, even colleges and universities, where anti-Israel campaigning is rampant, have rejected calls for divestment. As with Syria, Caterpillar is a particular object of Presbyterian ire.

Professor Bainbridge recently wrote about the same thing.

Please note that not all Presbyterians are lefty loving social peaceniks. I’m a proud Presbyterian in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). Back in the seventies, the PCUSA crowd decided the PC stood for Politically Correct and they went with the free love and women preachers thing.

We PCA’ers proudly laugh in the face of progress and try to always keep the fun in fundamentalism. Now, we do dance and have the occassional beer, unlike our fellow Soutern Baptists. But, other than that, we believe the Bible is God’s written word and we don’t pick and choose what is and what is not from God.

PCA’ers and true Christians everywhere must be committed to the idea that we change for God, God does not change for us. So, we don’t try to bring the Bible up to modern times and values. That touchy feely nonsense is for the Episcopalians.

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