Gene Koprowski of UPI passed on a link to his recent article that debunks more Democratic claims.

The Air Force has knocked down allegations by a Web site that said President Bush, when serving as an officer in the Texas Air National Guard, wore a ribbon he was not authorized to wear — a military offense that could have led to a bad-conduct discharge from the service if true.

The original story was offered to United Press International during late August by operatives from, an Internet activist group whose founder had earlier this year served as a source for The Boston Globe and other media outlets on stories about Bush’s service in the guard in the 1960s and 1970s.

A summary of the story was also posted on the Web site by Walt Starr of last month, along with a photo from the George H.W. Bush Presidential Library of Lt. George W. Bush wearing the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award.

An e-mail message to UPI on Aug. 27 from Bob Fertik, founder of, stated, “Walt Starr called the Air Force and discovered that the only AFOUA given to Bush’s unit was in 1975 — five years after the photo. Case closed!”