BREAKING NEWS: Life on Mars Found


According to Dan Rather, CBS News has recently obtained a copy of this photograph, which is certain proof of life on Mars.

After criticism from the blogosphere saying that the document was a fake, Rather said, “CBS stands by its story that life has been discovered on Mars. The criticisms leveled against the copy of the copy of the photo CBS obtained had to do with focus, shadowing, and texturing of the image. Experts CBS spoke with on Mars said that no earthling really has experience dealing with Martian photography conditions and cannot dispositively discount the photograph as a fraud.”

The Washington Post is reporting that CBS has not yet disclosed its Martian expert, but referred the Washington Post to a scientist at NASA that CBS says confirmed the authenticity of the photograph. “No, no,” said the scientist when contacted, “all I said was that if a Martian really did give CBS the photograph, then the photograph could be real. I did not actually see the photograph and was not told it was a copy.”

Tonight on the CBS Nightly News, Dan Rather responded to critics by reading a prepared statement that read, “CBS did not base the entirety of its life on Mars story on a copy of a copy of a photograph. We have other evidence as well. Nothwithstanding that other evidence, because no one in the blogosphere has been to Mars, the anti-alien critics of CBS are unable to prove definitively that the photograph is not real. CBS stands by its story and will continue to report it as fact.”

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