What will they do if Bush wins again? I’m talking about the liberals. Back in the 1960’s and 70’s, conservatives were convinced that the world was out to get them. There was a giant conspiracy between the Illuminati, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, and Mickey Mouse to repress conservative thought and enslave the people. Now, it would appear, the tables are reversed.

Byron York, writing today for National Review Online reviews a recent episode with Paul Krugman that should call into doubt Krugman’s remaining sanity.

“We probably make a mistake when we place too much emphasis on Bush the individual,” said Krugman, who received a standing ovation when he was introduced. “This really isn’t about Bush. Bush is the guy that the movement found to take them over the top. But it didn’t start with him, and it won’t end with him. What’s going on in this country is that a radical movement…that had been building for several decades, finally found their moment and their man in Bush.”

Krugman said he and other liberals had been “asleep” and unaware of the true dimensions of the danger during the years in which President Bill Clinton found himself facing a variety of scandal allegations. But Krugman said there is a “complete continuity” between today’s politics and the “campaign of slander and innuendo” against Clinton. “There’s complete continuity going back, really, I think — but this is my next book — you really need to go back to Goldwater. A lot of this has to do with civil rights, and the people who don’t like them.”

Krugman described the conspiracy as “the coalition between the malefactors of great wealth and the religious right.” He offered no further details about who, precisely, is in the conspiracy but said that “substantial chunks of the media are part of this same movement.”


The notion is absurd, but it leaves me asking a question. How can a very bright man who has, let’s be fair, done work in the past that was quite good, state something so absurd and treat it seriously? Krugman is not alone.

The left in this country is convinced that sinister forces are at work. The left is convinced that it is the last guard of what is right and what is fair. Unfortunately for the left, the majority of America has rejected that movement and the left is not getting the hint.

Watching the American Left, I can understand the Communist movement in its dying throws. Communism could not contemplate that others saw it not as a noble force for good, but as chief repressor of free speech and free thought. Communism could not comprehend that others might disagree with the system. Siberia and the Killing Fields did not stop the dissent Communism tried to crush. Free speech and free thought triumphed and Communism collapsed.

In the same way, the American Left thinks everyone should agree with lefty notions. Remember, the left talks constantly about diversity, but never talks about diversity of ideas or opinions. Now, however, the left is faced with the fact that a majority of the country is not willing to take the left path. The lefties are not taking it well.

I believe that if the President is re-elected and the Congress continues under Republican control the left in this country will finally collapse in a violent mass of circular firing squads. The lefties will say that if only the Democrats had shown their true lefty credentials they would have won. The Democrats will overcompensate and move so far to the left that they will collapse.

The President is a genius – not because of his re-election strategy, but because the President recognized the Democrats had made their house of cards. He has pulled just enough centrist cards from their stack to destabilize the house. While the Republicans have a near consistent ideology flexible enough to let in some who disagree on certain points, the Democrats are a party of competing interests that inflexibly shut out minority opinions (See e.g. pro-life Democrats, Democrats for School Choice, Right to Work Democrats, etc.). With a lurch to the lefty interests, if Bush wins, I predict we will see the birth of a new party to represent the interests of those not willing to move right and likewise unwilling to move left.

Postscript: One point of clarification. Unlike some countries, the United States has a tradition of many third parties. While I think the Democrats are on the verge of lefty induced collapse, I don’t think the will entirely go away, but I think the Democrats, as we currently know them, will cease to be a major political force.

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