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In discussing an article by Michael Tomasky, James Joyer has this wholly accurate observation:

the Bush campaign has managed to cherrypick Kerry’s record to make Kerry’s past inconsistencies appear more stark than they really are. But that’s hardly unusual; it’s what campaigns do. But Kerry has been amazingly accomodating in doing everything he can to reinforce that image with respect to the Iraq War.

Much to the dismay of my Republican friends, yeah I do think that Bush has cherrypicked Kerry’s record, but, as James says, that is what campaigns do. I also think that Kerry left himself wide open to it and that the fact that Kerry has run from his Senate record means the Bush campaign had bushels and bushels to pick from.

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  • “Cherrypicking” is the wrong verb. The Bush campaign, from what i can see, has examined Senator Kerry’s record and highlighted the inconsistencies. Kerry is what is being presented, and that is the main reason he is such an awful candidate.

    Inadvertently, Kerry has been peparing himself for the day when his flaws would become national news. The Democrats gave a gift to BC04.

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