Matt Drudge has a document from 1968 showing that George Bush was put on active Air Force duty, which contradicts a Democrat charge that Bush was never on active duty. The document is a PDF and can be seen here.

Just for fun, let’s say that this document is a fake. Please notice this:

The font is clearly not proportional.

The military date scheme is correct at the top.

Abbreviations follow proper military schemes.

All apostrophes are non-curled apostrophes.

The font looks to be standard typewriter font.

Sadly, “th” does not make an appearance.

IF this were a fake, at least it is proof that a fake can be done more credibly than the crap Dan Rather saw.

Whether you know the details or not, your eyes know what they see, and they see a standard wordprocessor generated file from Rather and a typewriter, or at least a courier typefaced wordprocessor generated in the proper military format document from Drudge.

For the left wing nut jobs out there, let me just reiterate that the above was a hypothetical. It does, in fact, appear that Bush did not lie, McAwful did.