Donald Lambro, political reporter for the Washinton Times says this at the Washington Times’ new blog:

Presidential nominees usually get a pretty decent bounce in the polls after a week of nationally-televised self-promotion at their conventions; but Mr. Kerry did not. His national numbers rose an anemic 5 points or so (more in some of the key battleground states), but that bounce quickly fell to earth a week or so later.

If that had happened to Mr. Bush at his convention, which will be held at the end of this month, the liberal national news media would have been all over him with political obituaries. But strangely, Mr. Kerry’s post-convention anemia elicited little serious analysis from the political chattering class on the left. I wonder why.

Lambro goes on to speculate that, despite bad news for Bush in the polls on specific issues, voters may be voting on the one issue Bush excels at — Leadership.