Is it time to panic yet? Bush is down in the polls. The media is consistently giving Kerry favorable attention and asking ridiculous and tough questions of Bush. Bush’s message is being drown out by the cries from the lefties. Bush’s team does not, in and of itself, seem to have a good consistent message and theme. But, I do not think it is time to panic yet.

This is Kerry’s month. The month began with the Democratic National Convention, which, with the media’s willing help, was a bastion of militaristic hippies celebrating a war hero from a war they did not support. Kerry, however, has been unable to break away from Bush. While he leads in the polls, he is only slightly ahead. While it may be his month, it has not been his finest hour.

Bush’s best days are yet to come. His convention ends the month. People are just now starting to pay attention. The Bush campaign is rolling out positive campaign ads and is hitting Kerry hard on defense. There is much to be done, but Bush can do it.

To start with, Bush needs a stellar performance at the Republican National Convention. Unlike the Democratic Convention, the media will highlight protestors and dissension. The media will highlight anything they view as playing to voters affections. While the Democrats, in the media’s view, were sincere, the Republicans always conduct a fraudulent convention. Bush must shine so bright as to overcome media criticism of the convention as a whole.

Bush needs Karen Hughes. She has, apparently, come back. Karen is not well liked by the media, but they are not on her team anyway. Karen can coordinate the message and help it resonate. Everybody puts lots of stock in Karl Rove’s abilities. We need to be putting stock in Karen Hughes.

Lastly, Bush needs to pick a message and stay with it. His first message was about a strong and stable leader. His second message was about turning the corner and not going back. Now he needs to take his vision of an ownership society and turn it into an optimistic “morning in America” vision. The country still believes the Republicans will be better at handling terrorism and national security. But, they need to know, through Bush’s message, that brighter days are still to come.

It is not time to panic yet. I believe that a large number of voters who currently say they are voting for Kerry, will be pulled back to Bush if he does not come across as a right-wing war monger. There is still time. If, after Labor Day, the tide has not improved, then it will be time to panic.

Remember, Republicans like to hold their fire until they see the whites of the lefty eyes.