I noticed this in National Journal’s convention alert:

Hispanics, soccer moms, NASCAR dads and other vital voter blocs apparently have company: The Nones. At today’s “Red God, Blue God” forum, the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s Michael Cromartie said voters who do not identify with any religion comprise 16 percent of the electorate. Wesley Theological Seminary’s Shaun Casey added that Nones, along with Hispanics, are the largest growing demographic. And President Bush isn’t likely to attract many of these votes — assuming, of course, that he’d want to.

“Persons who intensely dislike religious believers have found a home in the Democratic Party,” Cromartie said. “And it’s a BIG voting bloc in the Democratic Party.” In fact, he argued, the Nones (sometimes called anti-fundamentalists) are just as large a Democratic constituency as labor.

Ah, the Dems. Party of none.

I do think, objectively, while 16 percent may be referenced, I wonder if that number already includes part of the Dem’s constiuency — pro-abortion, pro-gay, etc.