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Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA 11th) is being sued in Cobb County, Georgia. Prior to his election to Congress, Gingrey was an OBGYN. In Congress, he is one of the most outspoken proponents of tort reform.

Reportedly the lawsuit stems from a situation in 2001. According to the Georgia Report, Gingrey consulted with a woman who later lost her baby in surgery. Gingrey and his two partners were sued. The partners settled, but Gingrey decided to fight.

Brian Robinson, Gingrey’s communications director, said, “[Gingrey’s] fighting it because his talk on medical malpractice reform is not cosmetic – he really believes it.”

As a lawyer and half-hearted proponent of tort reform, I have to say that this is stupid as all get out. If Gingrey wins, he has proven the system works. Doctors who are sued can go to court and win like everyone else. If Gingrey loses, his advocacy of tort reform will appear self-interested and petty.

Say what you want about tort reform, I don’t think this will help the cause. [Disclosure: I ran a Congressional campaign against Gingrey in the 2002 primary. Gingrey kicked our butt. He’s a great guy and has been a prolific fundraiser. I think he’ll win again, even though his district leans Democrat. But, if he loses this case, his opponent, Rick Crawford, has a ready made tale of maternal tragedy to use against Gingrey.] [cross posted at Red State

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