As I have mentioned before, I am running a campaign in a Democratic primary that made it to a runoff.

One of the issues in our community is that the mayor of the one city in Bibb County, Macon, Georgia, is extremely corrupt. He has wasted money, he is under a grand jury investigation, under his leadership our bond rating dropped, the city is having difficulty meeting payroll ($400K in the bank and $1.5 million in payroll due at midnight tonight.

The mayor has endorsed my candidate’s opponent. Our opponent, like the mayor when he was elected, has never worked in government, never owned or operated a business, never dealt with complex budgets, and has never acted in a real leadership role. My guy has 30 years of experience in county government managing a budget in excess of $20 million dollars.

I felt like the mayor’s endorsement is a major issue and today we launched our advertising campaign for Tuesday’s runoff. Here now is our radio ad.