Hugh Hewitt makes a point about Kerry and press conferences. He comes up with a list of questions the press should ask, if he had a press conference.

This got me thinking. If I remember right, the press, not just throughout his Presidency, but during the 2000 campaign, was constantly harping that GWB needed to hold press conferences. They raised holy hell when they thought he hadn’t had enough and didn’t answer enough questions.

I don’t have Lexis-Nexis to back me up, but if my memory is correct, that’s what happened.

For the life of me, I have not heard the same complaints about John Kerry having a lack of press conferences. If the demand was there for Bush, shouldn’t the demand be there for Kerry?

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  • I think Americans are concerned with Bush’s inability to hold press conferences and answer questions because he simply has more explaining to do. Bush’s community “forums” to date have been an absolute joke, but hopefully that will change as he continues to slip behind in the polls.

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