I have to agree with John over at RealClearPolitics, who writes

Unless the Kerry campaign thinks this issue is playing well for them, or they think they can turn the issue around and create a backlash against President Bush, I don’t understand yesterday’s tactics. Because of Kerry’s counterattack yesterday, they have provided a further opening for Kerry’s opponents on multiple fronts. First as much as the liberal media wants the anti-Kerry veterans to be a bunch of ragtag, right -wing nuts, they don’t necessarily come across that way. The more exposure and coverage they get, the more it will make it increasingly harder to discredit them.

I think this is a mistake. Even a further drubbing of the President’s military record by Kerry will not help Kerry. Besides, Kerry has not even fully released his records.

The only thing I can think of is that Kerry’s campaign has data, besides the military voter polling data, that shows the ads are effective. Well, congratulations. Now even more people will be aware of them.