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I am an attorney who just so happens to work, from my law office, as a political consultant. I represent a State Senate campaign, a State House campaign, a Congressional campaign, a local Republican party, and a County Chairman campaign. In addition, I represent several businesses and businessmen, some of whom support some of the politicians I represent.

Amazingly, I have picked up business from candidates I have represented in the past. They may win or lose, but they have non-political interests that need legal service. Some of those candidates have referred their business to me. I gladly represent all parties and all of their interests.

Interestingly, I am one of a very small group of lawyers in Georgia that regularly handles campaign issues and campaign finance issues. I get clients who need legal help on those issues. The legal ethics canon prohibits me from discussing with one client the problems of another client. In fact, some of my clients do not know who else I represent. As far as each client is concerned, they should feel, as close as is practical and possible, that they are my only client.

Having prefaced my remarks in that way, it is astounding to me that the liberal media is trying to make a story out of the fact that Ben Ginsberg has given legal advice to the Swifties and, brace yourself, also gives advice to President Bush’s campaign. Amazing that a good lawyer might have more than one client. In fact, truth be told, Ben Ginsberg is a damn good attorney who represents lots of clients on election and campaign finance matters.

Saying Ben Ginsberg is implicated in the “web of connections” between the President and the Swifties is about like saying Robert Bauer, an attorney for Americans Coming Together and John Kerry, is implicated in that “web of connections.”

Put another way, before being fired, Mark Geragos represented both Scott Peterson and Michael Jackson. So, based on the New York Times’s logic, Michael Jackson probably killed Laci Peterson.

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