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A judge in Louisiana, my home state, did not like the fact that Rodney Alexander switched parties at the last minute. So he ordered a new sign up.

A judge called Rep. Rodney Alexander’s last-minute switch to the Republican Party an attempt to subvert the election process and ordered that the sign-up period be reopened for new candidates for Congress.

Alexander infuriated Democrats this month when he switched to the GOP just minutes before the deadline for getting on the ballot. The move made it virtually impossible for the Democrats to field a promising candidate to run against Alexander.

“Mr. Alexander has attempted to subvert the electoral process for his own personal gain. His action deprived voters of the right to vote for a Democratic candidate,” said District Judge Allen Edwards, a Democrat.

The article does not say whether the judge is a federal or state judge. My suspicion is that his decision flies in the face of the Civil Code. Judges aren’t free to willy-nilly do as the want in Louisiana. The statute must be followed.

Frankly, though, from what I’ve read, the statute says Alexander should be disqualified. So, the judge’s ruling may not be all that bad.

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