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I had an interesting poll this evening. It is rare to get an extending poll at my house, so I sat through the whole thing.

It was clearly for Jim Marshall, the incumbent Congressman in the 3rd Congressional District of Georgia. The questions asked about party support, support for the governor, Zell Miller, Johnny Isakson, Denise Majette, the President, Marshall, and Clay.

Interestingly, the poll got into questions where I was asked if something would make me be more likely to vote against Marshall or Clay.

With Marshall, the questions were (to paraphrase):

1. He voted for protectionist trade policies.

2. He voted for Bush’s tax cut.

3. He voted against the Bush energy policy.

4. He is opposed to tort reform.

5. He is opposed to allowing “risky schemes” to invest social security in the stock market.

6. He has actively supported veterans benefits and has fought to save the local Air Force Base.

With Calder Clay, the questions were about (to paraphrase);

1. A company Calder owned was constantly behind on taxes or underpaid taxes.

2. Calder participated in a civic club skit that made fun of black people “and was a bigoted display.”

3. Calder misrepresented a loan to his campaign by hiding that he sat on the board of the bank.

4. Calder criticized his opponent for cutting benefits to police, but he did the same thing while on city council.

5. Calder voted to cut education funding, fire fighter funding, police funding, and funding for libraries while elected as a city councilman and county commissioner.

The survey quite clearly tarred and feathered Calder. The big issues that kept coming up were the estate tax and tort reform, neither of which I think are big issues. Second to those were outsourcing issues and privatization of social security — issues I care deeply about.

But, all things being equal, I think the 3rd district of Georgia heavily favors re-electing Jim Marshall.

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  • I’ve been corresponding with Jim Marshall for a couple of years. I met him once in a Macon car dealership when he was campaigning, and have received numerous responses to letters I’ve written to him. On a positive note, I must say that he appears to have personally written most of those responses. However, I am a conservative, so the Honorable Marshall tends to straddle the fence, obviousley trying to leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling without being specific about his true beliefs. I must then, look at his voting record, which is to vote 73% of the time with the extremely liberal, Nancy Pelosi.

    On the other hand, I met Calder Clay last week and had the opportunity to ask him some pointed questions. I’m satisfied that he can and will represent my values if he wins the 3rd district seat. I am certain that if (and the IF is large), every voter in the third district could be exposed to the true beliefs of the two candidates with no media spin available to cloud opinions; Clay would win in a landslide. I am like you though; Marshall is most likely to win. But he’ll only win because conservative people who have been life-long Democrats are hungry to vote for the old Party, mistakenly thinking that Marshall is a Zell Miller Democrat.

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