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There are a lot of great blogs I read on a daily basis. I try to rotate around some, but there are ones I read on a daily basis like Captains Quarters and The American Mind. These blogs are great and consistent in quality, along with the others I read daily and (most of) those I read on a rotating basis.

But, there are two that I really want to mention. One I have a vested interest in and one I don’t, but really like the author. The first is Red State. The three big guns of Red State are at the Republican National Convention. While most of the blogs there are running the same stuff — interviews with the same people, etc. — the Red State editors are out on their own trail bringing unique stories from the Convention, like an interview with rising GOP star Bobby Jindal. The hard workers at Red State work as a team to bring the best of Republican politics, theory, and history to the blogosphere.

The second blog I cannot praise highly enough is Mark A. Kilmer’s Political Annotation. Mark’s is a one man operation that often upstages ABCNews’s The Note. The quanity of his insight is overshadowed by the quality of his insight. Mark is not even at the Convention, but you would not know it from the depth and breath of his coverage. He takes the job of blogging seriously, which, like Red State, makes it a continual pleasure to read.

Like Sean Hackbarth at the American Mind, or Steven Taylor, or the guys at Red State, I have never met Mark Kilmer in person, but I consider him a friend. It is no small statement to say that he stands in a small group of bloggers I strive to be like.

If you have not checked out Mark A. Kilmer’s Political Annotation or Red State, or for that matter the American Mind or Captains Quarters, I strongly encourage you to not just check them out, but make them daily reads too.

Oh, and one more time, I have other daily reads too, and don’t want to try to list them all here.

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