Has Hell Frozen


Stephen Baldwin is voting for the guy “who is being led by God.” He’s on with Greta Van Sustren now. He will not say who he is for other than he is voting for the guy “with the most faith.”

Maybe it is the Baldwin in him that prevents him from saying “Bush.” Or maybe it is the thought that Alec will kill him. Or maybe he isn’t voting for Bush, but is building this up so he can denounce Bush as a false prophet sometime in October.

Wow. And he doesn’t think the race will be close.

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  • I saw his interview on FOX. I was actually surprised to hear some of the things that he was saying. I wasnt sure why he wasnt going to say the name of the person he was voting for, I guess he thought he was being cute, but sounds like he is on a journey and is voting for the guy that seems to be on the same trip.

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