I have been in a mediation all day and then a church planning meeting.

The mediation was a disaster. The case has one corporate Plaintiff and three Defendant corporations. On the face of the complaint, the Plaintiff only wanted 8,000.00. When the Plaintiff showed up at the mediation, the demand had grown to $28,000.00, based on fees that my client would have zero responsibility for and everyone admitted would have no responsibility for.

When the numbers were added up, the Plaintiff claimed $8,000.00 in past due rent, late fees, repair reimbursements, and property tax payments. Then the Plaintiff wanted $20,000.00 in fees for a provision in the disputed lease that said “if lessee assigns the lease, lessee shall pay $10,000.00 to lessor as an assignment fee.” Two lessees had assigned the lease, my client being the last person assigned the lease. Therefore, my client owes nothing.

Excluding that assignment fee issue, the three Defendants added up everything paid over the life of the lease and discovered they overpaid by $2,000.00. The Plaintiff refused to reimburse the Defendants and, after seven painful hours, the mediation collapsed.