Fact or Fiction?


I don’t really know, but I’m willing to accept this at face value. I think Santorum realizes he did a bad thing on the Specter matter.

Most of us, on seeing the lineup for the first time, cringed. Rick Santorum, apparently, sprung into action, calling Karl Rove and chewing him out for, irony of it all, selling out the party and its ideology. He lectured Rove on the absurdity of the construction of a mediagenic Potemkin facade designed, in his view, to hide the true nature of the Republican party. And then he hung up.

Days later, Rove called back. Would Senator Santorum care to submit a list of real conservatives he’d prefer speak at the convention? Santorum did: Brownback. Wilson. Northrup. Steele. And lo, days later — they were speaking at the convo. And Rick Santorum was among them.

Now, I wouldn’t sit here and tell you that this necessarily makes up for the unnecessary defeat of Pat Toomey. But I will say that it’s a good sign: a sign that the Republican Party still has leaders of principle; and a sign that Rick Santorum is hardly lost to the cause of conservatism and life.

Rumor? Yeah. Reason to believe? I sure think so.

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