Christy and I went to see it today. It got god reviews. I hadn’t wanted to see it, but after reading a few of the reviews, I decided I did.

Christy did not like it. She didn’t hate it, mind you. She just didn’t like it. It tried to be too much of a psychological movie and then an action movie. There was not enough action throughout for her for the movie to be an action movie.

I liked it.

It was slow paced. The conversation got deep in some parts. It had an interesting, though easily figured out twist. The twist in the last fifteen minutes of the movie made it worthwhile.

I rooted for Cruise’s character even though he was a bad guy. I liked him.

Jamie Foxx did a very good job in a non-comedic role.

If you are a patient movie goer and don’t expect an explosion every five minutes or non-stop action: car chases, shootings, bombs, fight scenes — you’d probably enjoy it.

Christy has never fully recovered from the idiocy called “Eyes Wide Shut.” She lost her belief in Tom Cruise’s movie making abilities. It took me some time to see him as a credible actor again. I think he pulled it off in this role.