Captain Ed reviews the damage report from Kerry’s swift boat. The post is here. I did notice right off that Kerry documented substantial damage to his boat and alleged that his boat was under heavy fire, but he did not, in his extensive documentation of damage to the boat, document any damage from bullet holes.

Drudge is reporting that Kerry is going on the offensive against the Swifties. There is so much out there already being documented against him, does he really want to tip off the public about this controversy, when the media has largely kept it hidden?

I say yes, if he knows the media will back him up. We know that Newsweek’s Evan Thomas has readly said, “The media, I think, want Kerry to win.”

I think Kerry knows what he is doing here. The media will not report the facts of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, just that it is an orchestrated attack against Kerry by Bush supporters. Then they’ll let Kerry scream about the lies, without rebutting Kerry’s charge.

The only downside is that it might embolden the Swifties and encourage people to give more money to the Swifties.

Several people have commented that the media will do to the Swifties what they did to the state troopers who accused Clinton of impropriety. But, will the results be the same. After all, these are a group of men who charged up rivers while being fired upon by a communist enemy. They have balls of steel already.