Watching the Bush twins, I was flat out embarassed for them. That was horrible. Talk about giving free rein. Boo!!!

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  • Call my hopelessly optimistic…but I think their “unease” and “aw shucks” style – while not impressive to the beltway or big shot consultants (hee hee) – plays well in Peoria. Impossible to follow Arnold’s speech for anyone, good break between him and Laura. Actually, excellent planning then. To put Laura or George right after Arnold…that’s tough. But the giggling but really cute daughters…that’s genius.

  • They were far from impressive. There is an old verse that says “to whom much is given, much is required”. One of the daughters seemed to hold her tongue, while the other driveled on. Seems like they didn’t have much to say, other than confirmed their antics in college.

    They forgot to teach these children etiquette.

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