Part of the interview between the President and Rush Limbaugh struck me. The interview was great — what would you expect. But, given all of that, the President asked about Rush. I took it to mean, how was Rush doing. Rush, I think intentionally or not, took it to mean “how do you feel about the campaign.” Still, it is striking that the President of the United States would ask that — he does have better things to do than worry about Rush Limbaugh. It is another telling sign of his character.

The transcript is here. The part in question is below:

RUSH: Mr. President, thanks so much for your time. It’s always an honor and a thrill to speak to you —

THE PRESIDENT: How you feeling? Most importantly.

RUSH: Never better. I’ve never been happier. I’ve never been better, and you sound like you’re ebullient as well. It’s great to hear. I’m getting all kinds of comments about the optimism that was on display last night at the convention. People are very, very upbeat and ecstatic. People wish you the best and they’re praying for you every day.

It reminds me of the President stopped to hug the girl whose mother had died on September 11th. He cares about people, about individuals. Democrats always portray caring, but they care about groups, not individuals.