It is an axiom that a politician should not pick fights with those who buy ink by the barrel. Well, what about when the media picks a fight with you?

I have always been a news junkie. I watch the news constantly. Here is something I have noticed.

During the Clinton administration, lots of people, beginning with that FBI agent, wroth scathing articles about Bill Clinton. Each of those people were portrayed in the press as partisan critics of the administration.

Now, we have Joe Wilson, Richard Clarke, Anonymous from the CIA, etc. who are portrayed as objective, independent analysts who have decided the Bush administration is misguided.

The press has repeated as fact those things that are outright lies or, at best, misrepresentations. They have trumpeted every bad piece of news. They have portrayed the Kerry-Edwards ticket as the second coming of Christ.

All the while, the President’s team does not appear to respond competently. Example: as I said, I am a news junkie. I don’t remember the Bush administration coming out forcefully to say the turkey was the real deal. I’ve thought it was a fake myself.

The administration needs Karen Hughes back to take charge.