A while back, I wrote about the proliferatin of Asian spas in my area. The post is here.

I received a comment on my blog today. Read this:


I understand your frustration IF IN FACT you have illegal businesses crwoding your community. However, I wouldlike to highlight that your post may be considered libel and you may be sued (and lose) because of it. You should be more careful what you say.

To name a business and say that “these are houses of prostitution” is an actionable offense. To repeat hearsay (as you do) is immoral – and wrong.

Ever wonder why there are so many Asian massage parlors opening up in your area? It an only be because there are many active customers of asian massage parlors in your area.

I hope you will educate yourself and those around you, instead of promoting hate and prejudice.

As an aside, the comment poster did not leave his/her name and links to a blog on “Erotic” massages.

I’ll refrain from further comment because God knows I don’t want to get sued — being a lawyer and all. Hell, I’m judgment proof anyway.