Pulling Punches


Byron York has an interesting piece on the lefties pulling their punches in Boston.

He said that when the get off camera they throw out as much red meat as possible, but in front of the camera, they are tame.

The so called “progressives” think they should be red meat all the time.

This is setting up an interesting dynamic.

The “progessives” like Michael Moore say that the majority of America agrees with them. Kerry won’t let them say what they want to say, despite their belief that the majority agrees.

So, if the Dems lose in November, you can bet that there will be a lefty backlash. They will crucify each and every person who urged restraint and moderation on the theory that, left to their own idiot devices, they would have won by demanding a Department of Peace, a unilateral withdrawal from the world stage, and free abortions for all.

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