A good while ago I posted this thought about my wife coming home after having seen a bunch of people holding up oversized posters of aborted fetuses. She was outraged and disgusted — as much for the parents driving their children home having to explain what it was as for her own self seeing the pictures.

Christy and I are both pro-life and do not vote for people who are pro-abortion.

Nonetheless, I have found us both in some sort of firestorm over that comment.

The people who support and/or participate in that demostration have started leaving lots of comments on the site at that post. Read them if you like.

Some of them were quite inflammatory, threatening, and very ugly towards my wife. I deleted those — how violent and offensive some Christians can get against fellow Christians.

In any event, I stand by the comments. I do not need to see a fetus ripped out of a womb to tell me it is offensive. I’m smart enough I don’t have to be shown something to believe it.

Still, there are some small minds that believe they must offend to convince someone their position is right. I don’t. As much as I give money to pro-life groups, I will certainly never give a dime to any group that does this type of demonstration.

More power to them for their conviction, but I think it does more harm that good, it inflames more than persuades, and it gives the rest of those of us who oppose abortion a bad name.