As I said, I go to places when my candidates can’t go. I have been to two forums since Edwards was picked. At each, I have had conversations with a large number of (10+ at each, which is a lot for these areas) people who are die hard, yellow dog democrats who have never voted for any Republican and think the election was stolen from Al Gore.

I have yet to find one who is voting for Kerry-Edwards. All 20+ of these people said they believe, to summarize, that the war on terror is too serious to let someone with no executive experience take over — particularly when the last time Kerry had something to do with the military, he turned on the hand that fed him.

Folks, these are people who think George W. Bush stole an election. But they all said he was a good Christian, he had their values, they didn’t like his policies, but he was the only one who would fight. No one was really pleased with Edwards.

One guy said it would have been great had Kerry picked a governor because then somebody in his administration would have had executive experience. The only person who knew anything about Kerry’s full bio pointed out that he had been a Lt. Governor, but then said that wasn’t the same thing.