I’ve caught up on my watching of the Commies in Boston. First, if you listen to Ramesh Ponnuru or Rich Lowry, you’ll note that the Dems have become gleeful and cocky on the conviction that they’ve already won.

So, there they are in Boston talking about having one America last night, two Americas tonight — rather schizophrenic if you ask me — talking about a strong America, but an America that should retreat from the world getting its orders from France; talking about supporting the free market, but punishing those who participate in it; talking tough on terror, but wanting to cower to it; speaking proudly of America, but then condemning us for being the world bully.

They cannot make up their mind what they are. In public they are one thing, but in private they are another. The nominee’s wife does not talk about him, the nominee talks too much about himself. The party says not to bash the President, but then accuses him of everything short of baby killing, which they reserve exclusively for themselves. Republicans just starve children, which presumes live birth.

I don’t understand the Democratic party. I am more and more convinced that Glenn Reynolds is right — they aren’t anti-war, they just support the other side.