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I just discovered Jay Reding from RedState and hopped over to his blog, which is duly blogrolled.

Jay Reding says Andrew Sullivan has gone off the deep end.

Sullivan is supporting John Kerry. Folks, let’s be honest — most gay voters are single issue voters. When I give lectures on get out the vote efforts, I tell the audience that black voters are overwhelmingly non-issue candidates who will vote for any Democrat over any Republican. Gay voters, despite where they may stand on any other issue, will more likely than not vote for the gay rights candidate, whichever party that candidate may be in.

Gay marriage is not a conservative issue. 4,000 years of history shows us that. Andrew Sullivan may be conservative on every other issue, but he is gay and will most likely vote that issue. It is a clear form of identity politics.

If gay marriage and full gay rights were ever imposed on the country (yeah, imposed. That most likely won’t happy democratically), then that issue would be removed from the table and gay voters would be up for grabs on other issues — I suspect a lot would be libertarian.

But, with that issue on the table, it trumps all others. I had no doubt last year and have no doubt this year that Andrew Sullivan will vote for the guy most likely to support the gay-equality agenda. That would be John Kerry.

Actually, I can better understand Sullivan’s support for Kerry than Mickey Kaus’ support for Kerry. Sullivan supports gay rights as does Kerry. Kaus supports our fight against terrorism and Kerry is ready to surrender without calling it that. Plus, Kaus doesn’t like him. Hell, I don’t either. That’s why I’m not voting for the prick.

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