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Get a load of this:

Last week Kerry declined an intelligence briefing on the day that Homeland Security officials briefed both the House and the Senate on possible terrorist threats. Kerry, in New York for a fundraiser, passed up a full briefing, and instead had a shave and trim of his silver mane of hair he was so proud of when he boasted on Tuesday that he and his new prospective running mate, Sen. John Edwards, had better hair than their Republican opponents.

“If we’re talking about the same intelligence that got us into this war in Iraq, why would we listen to them?” asks a Kerry campaign source. “The Senator has his own intelligence and security advisers who brief him regularly. This is just more political gamesmanship, and we aren’t going to play.”

Yeah, but do his people have the same classified information that the government’s people do? While it may not be always accurate, I’d be willing to bet it is more accurate that anything Kerry’s people have.

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