[NOTE: I believe the article linked in this post is a must read. However, I’m a wimp and couldn’t get through it. If you are squeamish, you won’t want to read it all, but you should read the first part]

National Review is exposing a double standard. You don’t have to read the whole thing. Just read the intro written by Kathryn Lopez. But, please do what I think is a civic duty and Read this.

For those of you who need more enticing, see the blockquote:

The first film clip opens with the camera showing a man standing in a bland, mostly empty room. The camera pans down to show his right hand. Folded rugs are visible in the background. The clip jumps to footage of scrub-clad “surgeons” with rubber surgical gloves severing the man’s hand at the wrist. First the skin is peeled away with surgical knives and tweezers; ligaments, tendons, muscle, and bone underneath are exposed. Then the gloved hands wielding the knives begin to slice, shredding through the sinews, slashing muscle, breaking bone, until the hand is ultimately detached and plopped onto a green cloth, as yellow, pulpy tissue spills forth.

Now, read this.