Racism Losing Its Force


I’m working with a candidate. One of his key issues is that the city I live in has a very corrupt mayor who makes promises, breaks promises, and ignores the law in his effort to have his way. Oh, and he’s black.

The mayor has endorsed a young guy for chairman of our county commission who has previously been arrested on abuse charges apparently relating to his conduct towards or in front of a child. The young guy has never held elected office, he has never worked in government, and the most major things attributed to him in his job with the Chamber of Commerce were dismal failures. But, his sister is a state representative and his father is the chief judge of the magistrate court. Oh, he happens to be black.

This morning I was informed that if my candidate compares his opponent, the young guy, to the mayor or mentions the endorsement or says they’ll act alike, etc. it would be racist. Any attack on the opponent will be labeled racism.

It’s like calling GWB a nazi. Both racism and naziism have lost their sting through overuse and overkill.

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  • Man, thats gotta be freakin frustrating as hell!! We have the same problems here (Kansas City). We have a black councilwoman who has been in trouble, her family has been in trouble, she keeps getting re-elected. It’s like the black people just refuse to see that she really doesn’t have their best interests at heart. She’s black, so thats good enough for them. And they wonder why they can’t get anywhere in life. That type of mindset is exactly why. But boy, if you dare to actually make something of your life (Colin Powell, Condi Rice) you’re an uncle tom. Whats wrong with these people!!!

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