Well, we transferred power. Good. It caught the terrorists off guard as well as the media.

While the event should be hailed as a success, it will not be thought of in that way. Why? Because half the world’s media flew over to Iraq to cover it and the ensuing violence. Now there will be no formal publicized transfer so only the violence will be covered.

On the bright side, no doubt the new Iraqi goverment will feel less constrained to use coercive techniques at repressing and punishing the captured bad guys. Heh.

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  • I had a strong feeling these guys had something like this planned. I think they probably have more equally brilliant plans up their sleeves. As no plan goes off without a hitch, I think the Bush team has done and will continue to do remarkably well.
    But, I wish G.W. would go on National T.V. like President Reagan would have done and just say (everytime he’s on) “..as mush as I’d like to tell the American people everything we’re up to, It is NOT in our National best interests. We MUST keep the enemy off balance.”

    I think the citizens of the U.S. would appreciate this and take heart. I’m aware he does say this ‘in round about ways’ however most people do not take the time to read between the lines and would react to him better if he spoke more plainly as he did immediately following 9/11.

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