I, like you I’m sure, have spent the day happy and sad, with tears and laughs.

I have cried this morning and was fine until Mrs. Reagan embraced the flagless casket. Now my tears burn my eyes.

God bless Ronald Reagan and his wife.

There were three in the providential triumverate our Lord placed here for freedom. The voice has now gone silent. Still we have our British strength and our Polish spirit. That strength and that spirit now grow weary. Soon our Lord will call them back home.

All we will have is the memory of the three who spoke for freedom when others would not. Thatcher the strength, Pope John Paul II the spirit, and Ronald Reagan the voice and the flame.

Let’s live by their example and by Reagan’s words. If we do we must commit ourselves to conquering the newest evil. But, we can. We must. For his legacy and our future, we must.

God bless you all this night.