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Everyone says it, but not everyone means it. I do. I truly admire Reagan. He truly is a hero to me. I truly am sad that the light has gone out. I am truly grateful that the light he left us still burns.

Reagan said he was tired of an American that blames itself first and refused to act for fear of criticism. I’m glad we have a current President who feels the same way.

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  • i am so conflicted at this moment:

    saddened at our loss. it’s hard to say goodbye, even when you know they are so much better off.

    relieved for the family. though we share in their mourning, they no longer have to watch a great man paining through his last days.

    angered at the left: the comments at a few of their websites are beyond contemptible or vulgar. i know God can forgive them, but i doubt i can.

    determined more than ever. to uphold the ideals that mr. reagan inspired within me. he is the single most influential reason i am the conservative that i am.

    May God rest his soul and bless his family. He will be missed.

Erick Erickson

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