Herman Cain, US Senate Candidate from Georgia, has a campaign blog that isn’t afraid to punch back. You can view it here.

By the way, if I was Herman I’d fire his direct mail people. They sent out a direct mail piece with one dollar bills attached to it. The concept was that Herman trusts me so much that he knows I’ll send that dollar bill back with a check.

Herman already has a check from me. I never send back the money. He will get another check from me, but I’m sending straight to him and not to the direct mail people.

For those of you know don’t know, direct mail is usually free to the candidate. The mailer takes back all the money as payment for the mail piece up to the point the mail has been fully paid for. Then the candidate gets most of the rest.

Sending out $1.00 bills means that the piece probably won’t get paid for. All it will do is (1) build his name ID and help him build a contributor base (thought it won’t pay for the piece), and (2) subject Herman to charges of vote buying from a desperate opponent.