Christy, my wife, has a friend who knows someone converting from Christianity to Judaism.

We talked about this and Christy and I see eye to eye on this. I can more easily see a Jew converting to Christianity or a Christian deciding on atheism than I can see a Christian converting to Judaism, Islam, or Buddism — particularly Judaism. Perhaps it is the way we were raised in the South.

But seriously, how do you go from accepting the risen Lord as your Lord and Savior to flat out rejecting his existence? How do you do that? In some sense, I can see an easier cross over to Islam, which says Christ was a true prophet of God, than I can see converting to Judaism which denies Christ’s existence, or at least denies he was either a prophet or the son of God.

How do you do that?

While I think it is great that someone has found a guiding faith and a way to live through a moral religion, I just can’t conceive of being raised to accept Christ as my savior and then abandoning him when he did not abandon undeserving me.