So the news is out that Clinton is being looked at as a Kerry Veep possibility.

First, I doubt Kerry would do that because, like Hillary, he’d be upstaged and we’ve all heard about his ego.

Second, the 12th amendment prohibits someone from serving as Veep if they couldn’t be President. Since Clinton is prohibited from a third term as President, he can’t serve as Veep.

Third, let’s say someone came out with this story to pull some attention back to the Kerry campaign and away from (1) the Reagan story coming out and (2) the President at D-Day and (3) the good economic numbers. It’s irrelevant whether Kerry’s team leaked it or some dumbass in the media decided to write the story with no basis.

The point is, like McCain, touting Clinton as veep will only diminish the actual choice. It will seem as if the person chosen is definitely not who Kerry wanted. “So, you couldn’t get McCain, Hillary, or Bill, so you’ve had to settle with X. I guess he’ll make do, but he ain’t exciting.”

Yeah, maybe I should have put “he/she,” but I doubt it. Geraldine probably spoiled that one for a while. It all makes me think Bill Richardson is more probable because of the media excitement factor on a “minority” as veep. That will help take back from the McCain/Clinton underwhelming factor.