Fred Barnes investigates the Bush “Smear” Machine:

A STAPLE OF DEMOCRATIC RHETORIC these days is the charge that a “Republican attack machine” is smearing John Kerry. Is it really true that Republicans are impugning Kerry’s military service in Vietnam and questioning his patriotism? Seeking an answer, my colleague at Fox News, Morton Kondracke, asked the Democratic National Committee to supply evidence of Republican mudslinging. Send me the worst of the smears by the Republican National Committee or President Bush’s reelection campaign, Kondracke said.

What the DNC produced didn’t come close to substantiating the charge of smears about Kerry’s military record or patriotism. The Democratic committee couldn’t cite anyone from the RNC or the Bush campaign–or the White House for that matter–who had criticized Kerry for his service in Vietnam or raised doubts about his patriotism. For the most part, what the DNC called smears were attacks on Kerry’s antiwar activity after he left the Navy.