I found this very interesting. Hat tip to Drudge for the link.

Voters in next month’s European elections could shock the political establishment by giving the United Kingdom Independence Party more seats than the Liberal Democrats, a poll suggests today.

A YouGov survey for The Telegraph indicates that UKIP, which is committed to British withdrawal from the European Union, is ahead of the Lib Dems among those who are “very likely” to vote.

According to this measure, which can be more reliable, particularly when turnout is low, the Conservatives are on 31 points, Labour 23 points, UKIP 18 points and the Lib Dems 15 points.

UKIP could win more than a dozen seats if these figures are repeated in the combined European, local and London mayoral and assembly elections on June 10.

Such a result, relegating the Lib Dems to fourth place, would be a humiliation for their leader, Charles Kennedy, and would send shockwaves through Westminster, where the three main parties support EU membership and often dismiss those arguing for withdrawal as extremists.