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Okay, I’ve had a very long day; hence the light blogging.

So, here are some thoughts that I’d like to blog about, but am too tired to do so:

1) Even though Brown v. Board was the right result at the right time, was it rightly decided under the constitution? What do you strictest of the strict constructionists think?

2) Isn’t it offensive that the gay rights movement would compare itself to the Brown legacy?

3) Is Brad Pitt over hyped? How can you have a movie like Troy and falsely portray such key elements as the death of Agamemnon?

4) I’m more nervous about Bush’s chances, but still think he can pull this off. Y’all?

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  • Oddly enough, despite his extreme handsomeness, Brad Pitt is just not leading man material. He’s good in character parts, though. I think he did a fantastic job in 12 Monkeys. He picks a lot of stinker movies.

    Yes, I think President Bush can pull it off.

  • 1) The strictest of constructionalists would have agreed. Hence why Janice Joyce Brown was held up.

    2) Yes. It is. And the American public agrees. There is nothing more annoying than a bunch of well dressed articulate people complaining about how oppressed they are.

    3) Yes, he is. But Ashton Kutchar is the most overated person in Entertainment.

    4) Bush will pull it off. Kerry is the nondescript substitute for when you think you can no longer drink whole milk. Soy Foreign Policy? Yeah, it’s called K-e-r-r-y.

  • I have faith that Bush will pull it off. He had better, or we are all doomed. Unfortunately, when i say we are all doomed, I’m not being overdramtic. Its simply the truth.

    This is what would happen:

    Kerry elected—>no foreign policy—->terrorists go “yippee!” because they know he wont do anything about them—->we become sitting ducks for attacks under a wimpy administration while the economy wilts—->the stage will be set for the moral degradation of America

    basically, Kerry will undo everything that the current administration has worked so hard for if he gets elected. It all comes down to how many uninformed people vote.

    So it might be close, but i think Bush will prevail.

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