Rush Limbaugh has taken a lot of criticism this week for comparing the rituals in the prison in Iraq to fraternity hazing. That is what it appeared to me too, thought obviously more serious and definitely criminal.

I will agree with Rush on one thing. I won’t jump on the condemnation bandwagon. The media and the Democrats have seized this issue and blown it completely out of proportion. My father-in-law was asking me about it last night and could not get past the pictures. The pictures caused the outrage and the facts are being ignored.

Here is what we know:
A small group of soldiers forced Iraqi men to strip and forced some to masturbate, forced human pyramids, and one soldier — who got knocked up by another soldier — put a leash around an Iraqi. There are other allegations, but the central fact is that it was a small group of soldiers committing the acts.

The abuse was reported by a solider up the chain of command.

The command chain investigated, arrested, demoted, fired, and publically reported what had happened. Soldiers are still being disciplined, courtmartialed, demoted, and jailed.

Those are the facts. That we now have salacious pictures does not change that.

But, the Dems now want Rummy fired? Why? If Bill Cohen or Les Aspen was SecDef, would they have handled the situation different? I’m sure the Dem response is that it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. Well, probably not because we wouldn’t be in Iraq, but had we been in Iraq, how do we know for sure?

I think it could have happened. Should Cohen or Aspen have been fired? No, they would have done what Rummy did — immediate investigation, corrective action, and discipline.

Here now are some questions:

Will the Democrats who are horrified by what these soldiers did, admit that Iraqis are better off now than before Saddam was overthrown?

Will the Democrats admit that the prisoners who were assaulted by American soldiers had, more likely than not, previously tried to kill American soldiers?

Will the Democrats admit that a number of the Iraqi prisoners, in a past life, did to others what is not being done to them?

Will the Democrats admit that the participating soldiers, etc. are not reprsentative of the entire military?

Will the Democrats question whether gender integration has been a good idea, what with the pregnant girl who had the lease and the Brig.Gen. who refuses to take responsibility, blames others, and cries incessantly on Greta Van Sustren’s show?