The Call To Prayer


Good for the Muslims in Hamtramck.

Leaders of the Al-Islah Islamic Center asked the council for permission to broadcast calls to prayer — a centuries-old tradition in Islam. A prayer is sung five times a day to invite Muslims to pray. They’re often broadcast by loud speaker in predominantly Muslim countries, but are seldom broadcast in the United States.

The council wrote and approved an amendment to the city’s noise ordinance, sparking waves of outrage from Christian groups across the country that claimed Hamtramck was giving special rights to Muslims.

I grew up in the Middle East and loved hearing the call to prayer. It reminded me to pray — Christians should look at it that way. And, maybe Christians should respond by using a PA system to belt out the Lord’s Prayer or the Te Deum every day.

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  • You must be joking pal. Tell them to get a watch. If I had to listen to prayer calls in my neighborhood, I’d tear down the loudspeakers myself. If it were Christians doing this, the ACLU and every liberal would never let it happen. Tell them this is America, not Yemen. If they want to hear the call to prayer, they can move back.

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