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On my way back to the office from the local university the other day (where my wife works), I saw a car with the little fish on the back that had Darwin written inside it.

There were two bumper stickers, no doubt strategically placed for the irony. The top one said “Keep Abortion Legal.” The bottom one said “Capital Punishment Stops A Beating Heart.”

I wanted to stop the damn liberal’s heart.

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  • hey erick,

    the irony and the hypocrisy is overwhelming…or is it? i asked someone at work if scott peterson were to be found guilty, should he be convicted of one murder or two. for two hours, they refused to answer. but they’ll argue for hours that one death in iraq is too many to liberate a people that do not want liberation. huh????

    just when i think they can’t set the bar any lower, they manage to dig one more hole to put it in.

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