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For the true political junkie, you can read all about the election upset in India here.

A lavish monsoon last year was an important contributor to India’s soaring rate of economic growth, of more than 8% this year, and to what the BJP misdiagnosed as a national “feel-good factor”. But Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka suffered yet another year of drought. There, the shortage of water mattered far more to most voters than the latest call-centre.

Similar considerations, on a national level, weighed against the BJP itself. It has lost more than 40 of its 182 seats. Encouraged by a good showing in state elections last December, BJP strategists had persuaded Mr Vajpayee to call elections a few months early. They argued that the BJP should capitalise on the economic boom, and on the unrivalled prestige enjoyed by the prime minister himself.

It is quite an interesting read in failing to read the voter mixed with hubris.

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