Nick Berg – An Orpheus in Hell


Let me give one final note on Nick Berg. It appears that it was a coincidence in the cosmos. The stars fatally aligned against Mr. Berg pulling him unwittingly and unintentionally into the web of islamofascists who used his email account and then his head for propoganda and attacks.

There are unanswered questions about Nick Berg’s death. Why didn’t he leave? Why would a young Jewish man travel into hell and refuse to leave? Perhaps he was an Orpheus going to hell to bring back his own Eurydice and made the mistake of looking back. He was consumed by his own Ciconian Maenads and, like Orpheus, lost his head.

We should mourn him and redouble our efforts. His father is a peacenik who will now bash Bush, but who did so even with Nick Berg alive. Now the media will give Mr. Berg, the man affiliated with the communists, a platform to attack from within.

Bush’s poll numbers have tanked. It is not the prison scandal that did it. It is the lack of focus on Iraq. As Orpheus’ head floated down the river, his music could still be heard. He was still remembered.

I hope Bush hears the tragic music in the death of Nick Berg and remembers Nick, who went to Iraq to rebuild and lost his life to the enemy. Maybe then Bush and we will refocus on the task and hand and finally show no reluctance to unleash hell on the enemy of us all.

Either we win or they do. There is no compromise with evil.

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