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ON AIR FORCE TWO — It’s fairly early in the morning, and Dick Cheney is ready for a day of campaigning. He’s going to Wal-Mart — to the Regional Distribution Center in Bentonville, Ark., home of Wal-Mart. The Democrats have decided to be bashers of Wal-Mart. They seldom have a kind word for the world’s largest company. John Kerry has denounced Wal-Mart’s practices as “disgraceful” and “unconscionable,” and many other Dems have been just as harsh.

But the Republicans have decided to be the party of Wal-Mart. This accords with their principles, and it ought to be good politics, too. Wal-Mart has 100 million customers a week. It has countless investors. It has over a million employees. Wal-Mart bashing should come with a cost, shouldn’t it?