I’ll be open and honest. I don’t like the concept of women in the military. They shouldn’t have to and I don’t think they should want to. I do think that if serving, they should be segregated and in non-combat roles. It is a sexist bias. I admit it, but I have no shame about that opinion.

What really gets me is how the few women involved in this scandal are not willing to take responsibility and expect to get sympathy for being women.

Pfc. England said commanders up the food chain made her hold the leash with the Iraqi. Then we discover that she’s on tape willingly performing sex acts with various soldiers including performing oral sex on one or more soldiers while the Iraqi prisoners were forced to watch her skank ass.

Then there is the Brig.Gen. who keeps crying and saying that others, mysterious people up the foodchain and not in Iraq, were responsible for the discipline of those under her.

There is a cliched saying called, “take it like a man.” These women need to learn it and apply it to their lives.

Let me say one more thing:
There are probably some spineless men who also refuse to take the blame. So that is an additional annoyance — that the media is focusing on the women and letting them get out their sob stories that (1) make the military look bad and (2) make other women in the military look particularly bad.